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What Constitutes Reckless Driving

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House OKs reckless driving penalties – The Southern

House OKs reckless driving penaltiesThe SouthernSPRINGFIELD – Drivers could face stiffer penalties for failing to yield to emergency vehicles, under legislation approved in the Illinois House Thursday. State Sen. Jason Barickman, R-Bloomington, sponsored legislation that would make it a Class C …and more »

Tucker Carlson defends trucker after Tracy Morgan crash: Sleep driving not … – Raw Story

Raw StoryTucker Carlson defends trucker after Tracy Morgan crash: Sleep driving not …Raw StoryFox News host Tucker Carlson on Sunday argued that a Walmart truck driver who allegedly critically injured comedian Tracy Morgan in a car accident should not face jail time because falling asleep behind the wheel was not always reckless. CNN reported …Fox News Host Questions Whether Falling Asleep At The Wheel Is Always …Huffington PostTucker Carlson: Sleeping Trucker Who Hit Tracy Morgan Not Necessarily …MediaiteHuman Weasel Tucker Carlson Not Sure You Should Go To Jail For Something …Wonkette (satire)all 5 news articles »

Police shoot alleged reckless driver in Wicker Park, FOP says – WLS-TV

NBC ChicagoPolice shoot alleged reckless driver in Wicker Park, FOP saysWLS-TVA Chicago police officer shot a man who allegedly drove recklessly in Wicker Park overnight, plowing into six parked cars in the 1500-block of North Hoyne Avenue. The man was shot … The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the shooting.Police shoot alleged reckless driver in Wicker ParkChicago Sun-TimesPolice: Cop shoots man driving toward officersChicago TribuneDriver Shot in Wicker Park After Trying to Hit Officers, Police SayDNAinfoall 11 news articles »

Parents say Canyons School District violated public trust during sex abuse investigation of bus driver

DRAPER, Utah — Parents of the Draper Park Middle School sent a letter to Canyons School District Tuesday stating the district violated public policy and the public trust. Parents are angry over how the investigation into a former bus driver for Altara Elementary School and Draper Park Middle School was handled. “I want them to […]

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Statute of Limitations/Child Endangerment/Reckless Driving?

Okay, so my mom took my little sister and I and we fled from our abusive dad. He had everything in his name, so he could have filed everything stolen if he had wanted to, now we are back in, after a very short amount of time, and mom moved back in before I did. Every Sat. Night I drive him home 1.5 hrs. From his favorite bar despite conditions of weather, him, etc. Is this child endangerment?? If it is and we file on him, could he still charge us with a 'runaway' case and 'theft'? If so, how long could he put away for…and us?? Let me also add he has been emotionally abusive for nearly fourteen years. I live in Ks. And I was forced to start driving him home at age 13..underage….I will soon be going to college and my sister, who will be 13, will have to do it, too…prolly before she turns 13…it is different than just driving by myself bc I have an intoxicated guy in the seat next to me trying to pull the steering wheel around, etc…making it impossible to drive safely.
Also…if I got in an accident and he denied any of this…would I be charged with wreckless driving due to inablility to prove it??

Posted by Morgan

If you're going to be in college soon, presumably you are old enough to have a driver's license and drive responsibly, whether you actually do or not. Obviously, a 13 year old should not be driving, but the fact that one is may or may not constitute child endangerment, depending on how well the child is capable of driving. At least in my state, there's an applicable misdemeanor charge for allowing an unlicensed driver to operate your vehicle. Whatever charge might be filed, it seems like it would be difficult for your father to deny any of that if he were in the car with you at the time an accident happened.

As to the prior incident with your mother taking off with you, taking your own child away from the other parent is not a crime unless it is a criminal violation of a court order designating the specifics of custody, which it doesn't sound like is an issue here. The same would probably go for whatever property was involved, and definitely would if you are in a community property state (don't think Kansas is one).

Can someone go to jail for reckless driving? Hes on probation now .?

His last conviction was:
Criminal Mischief 2nd Deg Breach Of Peace 2nd Deg Sentenced: 30 Days Jail, Threatening 2nd Deg … And few years ago he was in jail for 30 days for DUI and driving on suspended license. He got a ticket last week for reckless driving and is on probation now.

Posted by thisisme

When a person is granted probation over serving their sentence in jail/prison, they are given a set of rules in writing (called sanctions) that they must follow in order to remain out of jail. It is a "forced rehabilitation" in that it provides rules as well as laws to test a person to see how well they can do what they are told.

Although each case is different and the court system has the authority to write each probation's sanctions individually, certain sanctions are considered standard. Among them are: maintaining steady employment, no drug or alcohol use, report when ordered, do not break any laws, be arrested, get any tickets and report any contact with police agencies to your PO immediately.

Having received a ticket for reckless driving now constitutes a Technical Probation Violation. He is still considered until he goes to court on the new charge. If he is found guilty ( or pleads out), it then becomes a Probation Violation ( breaking a law and thereby violating his sanctions). He will be remanded for a PV hearing and the usual finding is reinstatement of the original sentence plus whatever time the secondary charge was given.

The answer to your question, is yes, any violation of law results in a person facing the distinct probability of going back to jail.

I hope this helps and you can find it useful.

Name what constitures as WRECKLESS DRIVING!?

Name what constitures as WRECKLESS DRIVING!

And what is the penalty?

Posted by Daniel F

Reckless Driving is any number of motor offences which can be directly responsible for an accident on a public road or motorway in which a collision is the end result. It can be the result of an individual's inability to understand their surroundings, perhaps be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or simply they may simply be driving too fast and breaking the required speed limit. Whatever the cause Reckless Driving can be attributed to at least twenty-five per cent of the road traffic accidents (RTA) which happen on British roads every year.

There are several key offences which constitute Reckless Driving, they are:

Driving without Due Care and Attention
Driving whilst Under the Influence of Drink or Drugs
Driving whilst Disqualified
Driving without a Licence.