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Virginia, Maryland, and DC School Delays

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Fairfax County and Washington DC Metro Area School Closures

Snow Reckless Driving Virginia Fairfax LawyerThis year has been a wild one. We have seen inexplicably cold temperatures with the polar vortex, as well as consistently fluctuating precipitation trends. With the winter weather this year and late last year, the late months of 2013 and early months of 2014 are proving to be one of those time periods in which people tend to be on the edge of their seats, flipping back to the local news channel compulsively, checking the status of school or work the following morning. From a criminal attorney’s perspective (and any employee or defendant working with, or working for the court system in Virginia), it is important to monitor weather and to understand weather-related policies of local jurisdictions. Our Fairfax criminal and reckless driving attorney provides resource articles from time to time: this page is for those in the community looking for up-to-date school closing information.

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Rarely, the Fairfax County General District Court will close. When this happens, the court hearings scheduled for that day are rescheduled. In most cases, a person will receive notice via mail or subpoena. It is more common for the Fairfax Couture Public School System to close school; whether or not employees are required to report is determined by analysis of a number of factors. The number one factor, of course, is safety.

When the weather is not suitable for driving, please stay off the roads. The closings and delays you may be notified of, whether in person, online, or by some other means… may influence your decision to travel (or not), but the ultimate decision ought to be focused on safety. If it is not safe to drive, do not risk your life no matter the policy decision.