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Newlywed gets bail in niece's death – Indiana Gazette

Newlywed gets bail in niece's deathIndiana GazetteChristina George-Harvan, 30, of Conway, is also charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment in Beaver County in the April 24 death of 21-year-old Katelyn Francis of Fairmont, W.Va., in the parking lot of a bar. Police said the newlyweds …

Woman gets $500 fine in fatal Gambrills crash – WBAL Baltimore

Opposing ViewsWoman gets $500 fine in fatal Gambrills crashWBAL BaltimoreEspecially, Roberts' attorney said, in light of the fact that the fatal crash didn't mark the first or last time that Meyers had been accused of reckless driving. "Less than three weeks ago, she got another reckless driving for going 85 mph in a 55 mph …Family Of Man Killed In Accident Outraged After Woman Fined $500 In Plea DealCBS Localall 36 news articles »

Lavalette woman blames office supply store for wreck – West Virginia Record

Lavalette woman blames office supply store for wreckWest Virginia RecordAccording to the complaint, on April 30, 2012, Clark was driving her vehicle north on W.Va. 152 in Wayne. At the time … Gossett is accused of failing to maintain control of his vehicle, failing to follow at a safe distance and failing to keep a …

Woman gets $500 fine in fatal Gambrills crash

A 21-year-old Anne Arundel County woman will face only a fine in connection to a fatal crash last year that police said involved texting while driving.

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I figured I would get more responses here in polls, so here goes. A week ago I received a reckless driving ticket. Officer pulled me over, I handed him my license and he proceeded to tell me to park at the nearest parking lot. At that moment he never told me what he was pulling me over for. Anyway, I pulled into the nearest parking lot and I waited in my car until he came back. He handed my license back over and I had to ask him what was the reason he pulled me over. He then paused for a minute and said, well, you were in and out of lanes. WHAT?? That's what I said to him and then I just let it go because I figured arguing with him would have made it worse. He then looked in the back seat where my kids were and asked about the age of my son and said well did you know his seat belt was off. I didn't. My daughter was buckled but my son wasn't. Evidently he had sneakingly unbuckled it. Well, I don't mind paying for that ticket b/c I should have checked to see if he was still buckled. My problem is the reckless driving. I have no idea what I did. I wasn't swerving and when I went to get in my turning lane, I signaled. I wasn't speeding or anything. I think he saw me and my cousin in the car singing and bopping our head to the music and maybe thought we were under the influence or something. But of course we weren't. And he didn't even ask that question period. Can I beat this reckless driving charge? How?? Oh, and the only other traffic charge I have has in the past was a speeding ticket.

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Virginia is one state I avoid ,,exactly for the reason of your problem..The police.. When I went through Virginia on Vacation a few years ago,I had a radar detector on my dash..They are illegal in Virginia..A police officer came aside my car,,and motioned to shut it off,.. I did,,and continued on my way.. There is no excuse for Gestapo laws and tactics.. I have heard all kinds of horror stories about traffic cops and Virginia being a backward thinking state.. I will never go to Virginia again.. Sorry you have to live there.. Pay the ticket.. Unless you get an attorney and fight it,,and thats more expensive than the ticket,,and the cops know that.. ITs just another example of the people in power,,abusing it.. And always to the little people..And law enforcement wonders why the average person has no use for them !! SOLOMON.