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There are over a dozen reckless driving laws in VA

There are over a dozen reckless driving laws in VA

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More than a Dozen: Ways Police can Charge You with Reckless Driving in Virginia

This page will be expanded upon in coming days and weeks. Until then, read about the reckless driving laws in Virginia here.

The General Virginia Reckless Driving Law

Fairfax Reckless Driving LawyerThere are many specific Virginia reckless driving laws (e.g., it is reckless driving if caught speeding in excess of 20 mph over the limit), but the first reckless driving law to be aware of if you are performing independent research, is probably this one: it is somewhat of a catch-all provision, which allows officers to charge drivers if their driving actions are reckless so as to endanger others. Here is the language of the law:

. . . any person who drives . . . recklessly or . . . speed[s] or [in any other way] . . . so as to endanger [a person’s] life . . . [a person’s health] . . . or property [belonging to another person]  . . . shall be guilty of reckless driving.

This Law May be Charged After a
Fairfax County Reckless Driving Accident

This is an offense sometimes charged after an accident occurs. But when a driver is charged with general reckless driving in Virginia, and where the officer was not a witness to the offense (alleged offense), then how can a person be found guilty? This is a good question: the answer may depend on whether or not the driver made statements to the police or others, and whether or not passengers were present (or people on the side of the road who may have seen something). If it truly is a situation where the officer did not see the accident take place, and no drivers or other witnesses were present, then a good local Fairfax traffic attorney should be able to aggressively pursue the dismissal of the case. If not, then the case should be tried with vigor and if properly defended, a not guilty verdict should result. Remember, no attorney can promise results, so always keep in mind that no matter how great your lawyer is, he or she needs you to be as honest and as cooperative as possible.

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