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Reckless Speeding in Virginia

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Parents in OC child crash file lawsuit – Delmarva Daily Times

Parents in OC child crash file lawsuitDelmarva Daily TimesThe DelRiccos in the lawsuit say Kaczynski operated his truck in a negligent manner because he was high on PCP at the time, and was speeding on northbound Coastal Highway when he collided with the DelRicco's vehicle. Kaczynski smoked the … As he got …

Police Beat – June 4 – The Almanac

Police Beat – June 4The AlmanacWarrant pick up: Jessica Ellen Miller, no age given, of 323 Western Ave., Houston, was stopped for speeding at 3:29 a.m. Saturday, in the 1800 block of Route 980, township police said. The officer learned Miller was wanted on an outstanding bench …

Rape, Burglary Charges – The Dispatch

Rape, Burglary ChargesThe DispatchOCEAN CITY — A Virginia man faces rape and burglary charges this week after allegedly climbing through a hotel window and sexually assaulting a sleeping female he had met at a resort nightclub earlier. On May 25, Ocean City Police detectives responded …and more »

Man charged with DUI on ATV in McDowell County

POWHATAN (WVVA) – A man faces multiple charges after allegedly being caught driving an ATV under the influence on a McDowell County highway.State Police arrested 36-year-old Jerrod Ivy after he was observed driving…

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Speeding/Reckless driving citation in Virginia (Augusta county)?

I received a reckless driving ticket for doing 83mph in a 65mph zone while driving on I-81 south. I was on a motorcycle in the middle of a pack of four bikes following two cars, all of us going the same speed, and the state cop pulled me over??? I asked him why he would pick me out of the middle of the pack, and he said that the laser locked on me. I am scheduled to go to court next week. Does this seem possible for him to lock on me, and can I at least get this reduced to a speeding violation instead of reckless????????
Thank you for your advice.

Posted by Greg B

The laser is very accurate and pins down a specific vehicle. You were just unlucky enough to get snagged, even though you were planning on the safety of numbers. An officer can only do so much when there are a number of vehicles speeding.

Advice for Reckless Speeding Ticket in Virginia?

I recieved a speeding ticket for 86 in a 70 in Wythe county in Virginia. I have 0 points on my license and out of state points do NOT transfer to my home states license. My question…do i hire an attorney in VA to ensure i am not responsible for an outrageous fine? The cop said the ticket is probably around $150. He did not mention court costs and i am thinking he really low balled the estimate. Any advice if you have any experience with the Wythe county system would be MUCH appreciated!

Posted by Tiny

May this be an expensive lesson. By all means, hire a lawyer. That would be even money you'd have to hand over.

Just pay the fine and accept the consequences. My guess is that if someone else was speeding in your street, you'd want them caught and fined.


Hello everyone, on April 9th I was on my way to Virginia Beach with my gf. Her idea for my birthday, it was really late and extremely dark. We were coming from NY… I was pulled over in East ville for doing 76/45, I got hit with a reckless speeding ticket ? I tried to apologize to the officer and tell him I was only trying to get to my hotel room and that I was worn out from driving so long and besides it was a clear road at 12:30 am. I don't think I can afford a lawyer, and it says I can goto jail for a year !!!! Does anyone have any useful tips, stories or advice to offer ? I can barely sleep or eat thinking about this.
** I don't think I have an option of pleading because my court appearance is mandatory.

Posted by Lady

Pay the ticket instead of getting a lawyer.