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Reckless Driving in VA

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Pulled over for reckless driving in VA, what to expect in court?

I got pulled over recently for Reckless Driving, VA Code (26-8) 46-2-852. A tractor trailer was driving ridiculously slow so I sped up and passed him, on a shoulder. It's a 2-lane road that the state has talked about widening for the past 30+ years and hasn't done anything about it yet…so there was no passing lane to use…What can I expect in court? Coincidentally, I got pulled over almost a year to the day last year on I-64 for doing 70-75 in a 60 in pouring rain. That one I was able to pay the fee and not appear in court and nothing else happened except maybe points on my license…Any advice/thoughts/suggestions? Thanks.

Thanks for being a jackass. I didn't endanger anyone. There was nothing going on the shoulder/sidewalk or adjacenet property. I merely sped up to pass and got back over. The truck should've been cited for driving too slow, IMO.

@aravimount041: Ok thanks. I might do the class…

@Gail: It was Newport News, VA. I'm a 26 y/o male, legal U.S. Born citizen. I'll probably consult a lawyer…

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In VA you can get UP TO 6 months license suspension, 1 year jail and a $2500 fine. Then you have to pay for reinstatement. If all you have is that simple prior speeding ticket you will get a fraction of that. You could go it alone.

But the bigger issue is that it is a 6 point violation which will jack with your insurance for a few years. The second issue is that it stays on your record for eleven years. So if you get another reckless during that time it will count as your second. Then you will be facing a big problem.

Plus if you have any combination of these three (reckless, DWI or driving on suspended) they will revoke your license for ten years. You may say "DWI never!" but 10 years from now you could get one after just a few glasses of wine at dinner.

Personally I would go with a lawyer since your charge is just the general "officer made the call" kind of reckless. Not like the one where a person was speeding. The driving on the shoulder might be problematic though.

He might cast doubt on the whole thing and get it dropped. He might get it reduced to another charge and even if you do get charged he could probably make a deal with the prosecuter.

In my opinion considering the penalties, fines, points and insurance costs it would be well worth the money spent on a lawyer. You probably don't need a super expensive one.

Consider going and taking pictures of where you got pulled over.

Why did I get a reckless driving ticket in VA for going 14 over?

I got a reckless driving ticket for going 14 over, but I was told by someone that that was incorrect, and it can only be considered reckless driving in VA if you were going 20 over or more. Did the cop screw up, or am I just really confused? Obviously I'm still getting a lawyer, but the cop didn't say how much the ticket was either. Something seems a little off…

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There is reckless driving felony and reckless driving misdemeanor. If it would have more then 20 over the posted limit, it could have been a felony charge. Under 20 (as I understand it) is a misdemeanor charge.
Go ahead, get your lawyer if you want, but very seldom are police officers wrong about how fast a car is going and often only add the charge of reckless driving when there is clear proof or the driver gets mouthy. Yes, you might beat the wrap on this one, but that too has its consequences.