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Common Traffic Infractions and Misdemeanors in VA

Common Traffic Infractions and Misdemeanors in VA

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Fairfax County Traffic Law:
Most Common Offenses

fairfax county reckless driving lawyersDid you know that the most frequently charged criminal law violations are, for the most part, all part of a broader type of offense? I am talking about license-related criminal charges. As a Fairfax traffic lawyer, I spend a lot of time studying the arrest trends in our area. This post is about something other than reckless driving for once. While Fairfax County reckless driving is a common charge (common enough that we have dedicated this website to covering it!), these license offenses are even more common and frequently charged!

Specifically, driving without a valid operator’s license is a misdemeanor and a criminal offense.

This charge does not refer to driving without a license in your pocket; no, it refers to driving without having a license at all (for example, a person who never sought a license from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles).

Fairfax traffic lawyersAnother common offense in this category is driving while one’s privilege to drive has been suspended or revoked.

This is a serious crime, and is a Class 1 misdemeanor (which means it is punished by a maximum term of confinement in jail of 12 months).

Finally, driving while one’s license has been revoked due to a DWI is a Class 1 misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case.

Driving Without Valid Operator’s License

Read the Virginia Code section for the exact language of the law. For statistics on license-related offenses including this violation, you may be interested in taking a look at a study performed in 2013, analyzing the arrest records in Fairfax County.

This offense can lead to jail time, and if a person has a record with numerous prior Driving no license virginia lawoffenses, or if the judge, officer, and prosecutor have a reason to imprison a charged driver, this offense could be very problematic for the accused. This is an offense that can be very troublesome to a person who is in the United States illegally.

Since this is a criminal charge, it can be the first domino of the Immigrations authorities learning of a person’s presence. Since so much is at stake whenever a criminal law is alleged to have been violated, we highly suggest talking to a local Fairfax criminal lawyer. This one offers a free consultation for anyone charged in a Northern Virginia locality, including Fairfax County.

Driving on Suspended or Revoked License

Your license can get suspended or revoked for a number of reasons. One reason is following a DWI charge. But as our Fairfax DWI lawyer explains in other areas online, there is a specific offense for those caught driving while their right or privilege to do so was revoked because of a DWI. But there are other reasons why a person’s license can get revoked,

If you do not pay your court fines or costs within 30 days, then it is possible for your license to get suspended. Even if you pay the fees to bring your account back to zero, you will have to pay a reinstatement fee before your license is no longer considered suspended. While this may have not been the intended effect of the laws and policies at work between various agencies and governments (Fairfax County, Virginia, Department of Motor Vehicles, etc.), in reality it is something one Fairfax traffic lawyer has mentioned as being an area of concern.

Driving After Forfeiture (Revoked, DWI)

revoked18It is somewhat bizarre if you stop and think about it…that Virginia prosecutes DWI offenses with vigor and an iron fist, yet a first DWI is a Class 1 misdemeanor, just like reckless driving! But a subsequent DWI and even a first DWI with a certain BAC level will result in mandatory time in jail. In some instances, a DWI is a felony, and one real consequence to a DWI is a revoked license. Learn about this offense by reading the law (warning: very complex), or click the image to the left (or above), and read a Fairfax traffic lawyer explain this offense.

After a DWI, it will be revoked for a year. After a second DWI in 10 years, it will be revoked for three. If you drive during this time, the penalties are quite severe. In fact, it can be a felony if the circumstances are such that it meets the statutory guidelines.

Our Fairfax DUI Lawyer Legal Research Page for Northern Virginians Charged with DWI

Learn about Driving While Intoxicated and the many issues surrounding such a case via the main Fairfax DUI lawyers page.

To find out if you face a mandatory jail sentence if convicted, the mandatory DWI jail time chart will be helpful.

For DWI in Virginia legal information in Video format, checkout this Fairfax DWI attorney’s video page.

Where to Turn:
Traffic Related Virginia Misdemeanors

No matter what offense you face, any criminal charge is so serious that it should be discussed with a local Fairfax reckless driving attorney and criminal lawyer. For help with the Fairfax County Traffic Court and for tips, driving directions, maps and more, visit this Virginia and Fairfax Reckless Driving Lawyer’s specific page covering Fairfax County General District (traffic) Court. (Great link)

Remember: nothing on this website is legal advice, and it should never be relied on. It is for education or information purposes only. For legal help, contact a Fairfax traffic lawyer, Fairfax DUI lawyer, and Northern Virginia criminal defense attorney. For a consultation with a Fairfax County Traffic AND Defense Attorney, call:


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